A process for responsible design.

Whether you need a custom technology solution, a website, a communications plan, or something totally different, our process ensures a responsible, thorough approach.

  1. Research

    We start by listening. What challenges are you facing? What makes your organization unique? We get to know all the people that our work together might affect, not just the bosses.

    Once we have a thorough understanding of the challenge you're facing, we conduct the research necessary to ensure the solutions we develop together are effective, responsible, and sustainable for your organization. If relevant, we research your competitors, talk to your customers, and draw on reports from industry experts.

  2. Ideation

    Using what we've learned through our research, we brainstorm, sketch, write, or prototype multiple concepts, testing them until we find the one that works best.

  3. Review

    Will our final concept really help you achieve your goals? Would implementing it create disruptions for your business or cause headaches for your stakeholders? Are there compatibility issues with your current systems or processes? Would this solution be responsible, ethical, and sustainable?

    We scrutinize and refine our concepts until we're confident we're offering the best available solution.

  4. Implementation

    Once we've chosen a final concept, we work with you and your team to implement it quickly and smoothly. When applicable, we give hands-on training and provide thorough documentation so you can hit the ground running.

  5. Support

    We offer support services for every system and process we build, so you can rest easy and focus on what's important.

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